Book of the Month

Oct 2016

The Saints' Everlasting Rest

Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter's The Saints' Everlasting Rest (1650) has long been recognized as one of the great classics of Christian devotion, and it is by this book that he is best known. The original work consists of some eight hundred thousand words-a clear example of Baxter's prolific pen-yet in Baxter's own life-time it reached twelve editions! First abridged in 1754 by John Wesley, in the Christian Library, five years later another abridgement was made by Benjamin Fawcett, and innumerable reprints of this have since been issued. The book has also been translated into Welsh, Gaelic, German and French. The purpose of this abridgement, first published in 1962, was to present the work in a form suitable to the modern reader. No change has been made in the text of the passages selected from the original work, and the spirit and language of Baxter have been so preserved that the movement of his thought and style not only remains unimpaired but stands out even more clearly.

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Sep 2016

God Is The Gospel

John Piper

In God is the Gospel Piper passionately argues that the good news of the gospel is that we are given the greatest gift imaginable: God himself. Too often we reduce the gospel to being a free ticket to heaven or a key to spiritual blessings. That we forget is that the gospel story is about God himself, and not about the rewards he will bestow on those who have come to know Jesus Christ. The good news of Jesus Christ is deeper, more profound, and more wonderful than we realize. Standing in a long tradition of the theologians who have made similar observations including Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Edwards, and others, Piper unpacks the gospel to show that none of Christ's gospel deeds and none of our gospel blessings are good news except as a means of exalting the glory of Christ. Biblically faithful and radically God-centered, this book leads to satisfaction for the deep hungers of the soul. The glorious truth that God is the gospel touches us at the root of life where practical transformation gets its daily power. It awakens our longing for Christ and opens our eyes to his beauty. Join Piper as he leads us to worship and treasure Christ, the ultimate gift of the gospel.

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Aug 2016

Not A Chance

R.C. Sproul

Can chance truly be responsible for all that is? Despite claiming unbelief in God or any higher power that may have designed or created the world, modern scientists often write and speak of chance as some kind of being or force that can actually cause things to happen. They have excluded any designer but filled in the resultant void with faulty reasoning. In this classic book, R.C. Sproul and Keith Mathison call the scientific world to employ logic and clarity in their discourse, to leave the word chance as an abstract concept to describe mathematical possibilities rather than an ontological entity that can cause change. Dallas Willard praised 'Not A Chance' as "Sproul at his best, which is very good. He shows secularism to be what it now is: a desperate faith." This expanded edition includes a new chapter dealing with the most recent attempts to defend irrational scientific statements. A new appendix reviews other literature on scientific discoveries that support belief in a Creator God.

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Jul 2016


Sustainable Faith In A Radical World

Michael Horton

Crazy, transformation, radical . . . they've all become spiritual buzzwords in church culture. But Horton says we're missing out on an important aspect of spiritual growth --- the blessings of the commonplace. Providing a guide to sustainable discipleship, he invites you to gain strength and wisdom for the long haul as you embrace the everyday Christian life.

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Jun 2016

Why Bother With Church

Sam Allberry

The church has an image problem. It is widely viewed in the world at large as being outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites. How different that picture is to how the Bible talks about the new family that Jesus has gathered. It is a precious bride, a sparkling jewel, a lifeboat for forgiven sinners that is precious and holy; nurturing and warm; filled with truth, friendship and all embracing, forgiving love. Sam Allberry understands the collision between these two views, and how, even as Christian believers, we can lose sight of how truly wonderful church is and should be, and what a privilege it is to be part of, and to serve. In this brief accessible but thorough guide to church, Sam outlines what church is and why we need it. And how, when we have got it wrong, we can move closer to what a true church should be.

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May 2016

Zeal Without Burnout

Christopher Ash

Thousands of people leave Christian ministry every month. They have not lost their love for Christ, or their desire to serve him. But for one reason or another, they are exhausted and simply cannot carry on. Christopher Ash knows this experience all too well. As a pastor of a growing church, and then in his role training people for ministry, he has found himself on the edge of burnout a number of times, and has pastored many younger ministers who have reached the end of their tether. His wisdom has been distilled into this short, accessible book, in which he reveals a neglected biblical truth and seven keys that flow from it. Understood properly, and built into our lives as Christians who are zealous to serve the Lord, they will serve to protect us from burnout, and keep us working for God's kingdom and glory.

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Apr 2016

Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross

Nancy Guthrie, Editor

In Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross, editor Nancy Guthrie draws from works and sermons of twenty-five classic theologians and contemporaries to bring you and your family into an experience of the passion of Christ. Combining the victory of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and Scripture, she draws you to the cross throughout the Easter season and beyond.

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Mar 2016

Unashamed Of The Gospel

The Conference Messages of T4G 2014

Jonathan Leeman

The earliest Christians had the privilege of bearing the name of Jesus Christ to enemies of the gospel. They were the residents of the Roman Republic, but also citizens of heaven. They were persecuted for their faith, but were unashamed of the gospel. They knew Him who they believed and were persuaded He was able to deliver from evil. Fast forward twenty centuries. Spiritual temperatures are again dropping. These citizens of heaven are now resident throughout the world, and are being granted the privilege of the early saints. As nations grow ever more hostile to Christ and His followers, Jesus summons those who bear His name to be unashamed. He is the only hope of salvation for all who repent and believe In Unashamed of the Gospel, authors Matt Chandler, R. Albert Mohler Jr., John MacArthur, Thabiti Anyabwile, Mark Dever, Kevin DeYoung, J. Lignon Duncan III, John Piper, and David Platt come together for the gospel to encourage Christians with Paul's pastoral plea to Timothy " not be ashamed about the testimony of our Lord..." (2 Timothy 1:8)

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Feb 2016


A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Gregory Koukl

Discuss your Christian convictions to others with grace and confidence. Learn to gracefully negotiate those awkward moments when others challenge you with oft-repeated arguments against the Christian beliefs. Professor Greg Koukl has successfully defended the Christian faith under fire and he wants to show you how a few relatively easy tactics can help you as well.

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Jan 2016

The Jesus Answer Book

John MacArthur

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was baptized? Why His teachings attracted followers? Or why religious leaders rejected Him? And how can we know that He actually rose from the dead? Addressing these and nearly 150 other questions, MacArthur offers biblically based answers about the life and person of Christ.

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Dec 2015

God in the Manger

The Miraculous Birth of Christ

John MacArthur

Pastor/teacher John MacArthur unravels the intricacies of the event that changed the face of human history: the birth of Christ. As he examines every angle of Christ's birth-from the heavenly announcement, to the mixed reactions and the powerful ramification-the superiority and preeminence of Jesus Christ will shine through and speak volumes about creation, redemption, and divine destiny. This book comes with a study guide in the back of the book.

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Nov 2015

Honest Evangelism

How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough

Rico Tice with Carl Laferton

Hostility and hunger that's the response to the message of Jesus. The first is painful, the second is wonderful, and Rico Tice is honest about both Short, clear, realistic and humorous, this book will challenge you to be honest in your conversations about Jesus, help you to know how to talk about him, and thrill you that God can and will sue ordinary people to change eternal destinies.

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Oct 2015

The Company We Keep

In Search of Biblical Friendship

Jonathan Holmes

Friendship. It's one of the simplest of human relationships in comparison to marriage or family, and yet it's also one of the least understood and practiced. Could it be our understanding of friendship has been more informed by pop culture and social media, and less informed by the vision of friendship offered by Scripture? Is it possible friendship exists for a greater purpose than my enjoyment and comfort? Is friendship more than just having some people to hang out with on a weekend, participating in a book club, or hitting the golf course together? Friendship finds its origin, purpose, and power in Jesus. Our human friendships then must be shaped by this life-changing truth. Dig into this book, and find how your friendships can embody this amazing and wonderful truth.

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Sep 2015

Man Overboard!

The Story of Jonah

Sinclair B. Ferguson

Jonah is not a book about a great fish! It is really a book about God, and how one man came, through painful experience, to discover the true character of the God whom he had already served int he earlier years of his life. He was to find the doctrine about God come alive in his experience. It is this combination of doctrine and experience that makes Jonah such a fascinating, instructive and practical book. The teaching of Jonah searches our hearts and consciences in a special way because it is the story of a man who was on the run from God. It traces not only the path of his journey, but unravels the inner workings of his heart- his fears, motivations, and passing moods. Christians today still experience these 'Jonah syndromes'.

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Jul 2015

Why We Pray

William Philip

Pray is essential to the Christian life, but sometimes it seems hard. Written by a pastor with years of teaching and counseling experience, Why We Pray doesn’t simply tell us why we should pray, but instead focuses on four blessing-filled reasons that will help us want to pray. Rather than feeling discouraged and disheartened by your inconsistency in prayer, you’ll feel reinvigorated to approach God with confidence and joy, delighted by the privilege of talking directly to our loving heavenly Father.

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Jun 2015

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

Tim Challies

Spiritual discernment is good for more than just making monumental decisions according to God's will. It is an essential, day-to-day activity that allows thoughtful Christians to separate the truth

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May 2015

The Daring Mission of William Tyndale

Steven J. Lawson

Early in the sixteenth century, legislative decree in England controlled people's access to Scripture and prohibited an English Bible. But Theologian and linguist, William Tyndale, was determined to provide his fellow countrymen with Scriptures they could read. In this book, Dr. Steven J. Lawson traces this daring mission, which was ultimately used by God to ignite the English Reformation and would cost Tyndale his life. From one man's labor we're reminded of God's faithfulness to preserve His Word and equip His people.

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Apr 2015

What's Your World View?

An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions

James N. Anderson

How do you view the world? It’s a big question. And how you answer is one of the most important things about you. Not sure what you’d say? Join James Anderson on an interactive journey of discovery aimed at helping you understand and evaluate the options when it comes to identifying your worldview. Cast in the mold of a classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, What’s Your Worldview? will guide you toward finding intellectually satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions—equipping you to think carefully about not only what you believe but why you believe it and how it impacts the rest of your life. This is a perfect resource for college students in an introductory philosophy or worldview course, as well as anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of not only many different types of world views, but of his or her own way of looking at the world.

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Mar 2015

Five Points

John Piper

Grace is the heart of God to do you good when you deserve it least. But do we really know how deeply we don't deserve it? Only God can reveal that to us. He does it through the Bible. And when he does, the wonders of his grace explode with brightness as never before. These Five Points are about how Christians come into being, and how we are kept forever. It reaches back into times past when we were freely chosen. It reaches forward into the future when we will be safe and happy forever. It reaches down into the mysteries of the work of Christ, purchasing the gift of faith for all God's children. And it reaches into the human soul, glimpsing the mysteries of the Spirit's work as he conquers all our rebellion and makes us willing captives of King Jesus.Piper believes that our experience of grace grows with our grasp of God's gracious work. He invites us to come with him on this quest.

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Feb 2015

Date Your Wife

Justin Buzzard

Most men don’t know how to date their wives. They did it before, but they’ve forgotten how, or they’re trying but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Justin Buzzard helps men re-learn this all-important skill from a position of security in the gospel of grace. As a father of three boys and husband to a very happy wife, Justin offers guys a helping hand, good news, and wise counsel, along with: 100 practical ideas for how to date your wife, action steps at the end of each chapter and personal stories and real-life examples. All types of marriages—good ones, mediocre ones, and bad ones—will experience a jumpstart as a result of hearing, believing, and living the message of Date Your Wife.

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Jan 2015

The Upper Room

John MacArthur

drama unfolded. The events and teaching recorded in John 13-16, commonly known as the Upper Room Discourse, reveal some of the most poignant and powerful promises for believers in all of Scripture. Jesus and His disciples were standing on the precipice of the darkest night in the history of the world. The Lord of glory was about to be betrayed and murdered. The disciples would be scattered, and the boldest of them would deny even knowing Him. The Lord knew full well that He Himself would soon undergo an unimaginable deluge of woe. He would be spit on and mocked by evil men. He would bear the sins of the world. He would be cursed with the wrath of God for others’ sins. He would feel as if His Father had utterly abandoned Him. Any other man in that situation would have been in such a state of uncontrollable agitation that He would never have been able to focus His attention on the needs of others—but Jesus was different. He wanted His followers to know the peace of the One who has overcome the world. During those final hours before Jesus’ betrayal, He gave His disciples—and consequently, all believers throughout history—His parting promises, His last will and testament. It is the inheritance of every believer in Christ. In The Upper Room, pastor John MacArthur takes us back to that night and the glorious hope we have in Christ. This is vintage MacArthur—an exposition of the text that resonates with devotion to the Lord and love for God’s people, calling us to know and love the One who loved us to the end.

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Dec 2014

Magnificent Obsession

Why Jesus is Great

David Robertson

David Robertson, author of The Dawkins Letters, was told by the leader of an atheist society: "Okay, I admit that you have destroyed my atheism, but what do you believe?" His answer was "I believe in and because of Jesus." Magnificent Obsession shows us why Jesus is the reason to believe. In response to the shout of "God is not Great" by the late Christopher Hitchens, David shows us why Jesus is God and is Great.

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Nov 2014

25 Days, 26 Ways

to Make This Your Best Christmas Ever

Ace Collins

This book was one that I just had to write. I love Christmas and it frustrates me that so many get so caught up in the stress of the season they miss the real wonder, magic and joy of the holidays. Read one chapter a day of this between December 1st and December 26th, and I think you will keep your focus on the incredible potential and majesty of the best time of the year and the best days of your life! So don't just mark your calendar for Christmas, embrace and squeeze all the wonder these specials days have for you and those you love.

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Oct 2014

Basic Christianity

John Stott

In this book world-renowned scholar and preacher John Stott clearly defines both the fundamental claims of Christianity and the proper outworkings of those basic beliefs in the daily lives of believers. Stott's Basic Christianity is a sound, sensible guide for anyone seeking an intellectually satisfying presentation of the Christian faith. Named one of the Top 100 Books of the Millennium by World magazine and listed among Christianity Today's Top 100 Books of the 20th Century, Basic Christianity has impacted countless readers worldwide.

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