Family Night Dinner 5:30pm

At PVBC, we believe that family unity and growth are extremely important. We have a program to accommodate the entire family on Wednesday nights. After a long day at work or with the children, don’t worry about cooking and cleaning dishes. We offer family dinners at $3/person or $15/family. After eating dinner and enjoying fellowship from 5:30-6:15 in the gym, our Wednesday night ministries begin at 6:30 and ends at 8:00. It is a wonderful opportunity to have every family member engage and learn about God’s word and get encouragement from a group of believers during the middle of the week.

  • Children k-5 are able to participate in our Awana Program
  • 6th-12th Grades are able to plug into our Student Ministries
  • Adult classes are currently going through a marriage refresher

128 Youth Ministry

One28 Student Ministries is the Junior and Senior High School ministry of Pleasant Valley Bible Church. We are dedicated to proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ to students with the goal of presenting them complete in Him though expository teaching, discipleship, fellowship, service, and evangelism and we have a lot of fun doing it! Youth Group at 6:30pm on Wednesday “ Current Series: The Gospel of John


Pleasant Valley Bible Church offers Awana program on Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 8:00. Awana is an encouraging ministry to young children in Kindergarden through 5th grade that assists parents in raising children to know, serve and love Christ.

The Awana program at PVBC has been offered for over 20 years and have develop leaders who have superb experience in teaching children God’s Word in a fun way that helps them remember important fundamental teachings . PVBC has 80-100 children who enroll and take advantage in the Awana program every year. Each week there is a unique and exciting theme for the children to look forward to and to invite some of their friends and classmates to join them.

Our program is broken into several activities to help keep the children engaged. They are:

  • Opening Ceremony – Everyone meets in the gym to open in prayer, hear announcements and sing the Awana song.
  • Handbook time – After the opening ceremony, the groups go to the clubs based on their grade and work with the leaders to hear a short teaching, to understand and memorize scripture and work on a craft.
  • Game Time – During the Handbook time, classes are taken one at a time into to the gym to have fun participating in games that help release energy that some children just never seem to exhaust.
  • Store Night: As the children show an understanding of their lessons, they are awarded with Awana bucks which can be redeemed at our Awana store. The store has small toys, balls and candy. We feel that this provides some incentive for children to be more focused in helping to complete their handbooks.


  • 6:30pm – 6:45pm Opening Ceremony
  • 6:45pm – 8:00pm Handbook, Crafts, Game Time
  • Once a month Awana Store
  • Achievement Awards & Ceremony

Achievement Awards & Ceremony – The Awana program is very good in recognizing children for completing their handbooks. During the year, the children earn achievement awards that can be put on their uniforms as they progress through the various handbooks. This culminates with a awards ceremony that presents awards to children who have successfully completed their handbooks. Please contact Ray Gutierrez for questions on the Awawa program email.